Craftin’ Outlaws

12 03 2014

The other day, my fella let me know he saw something about Craftin’ Outlaws, a show in Columbus, Ohio.  It was the last day for applications and it looked awesome, so I scrambled and got in my application.  A week later and I was told I was an Outlaw!  Hurrah!  It will be my first show outside Michigan, and it looks like it is going to be a great time.  I’ve been to Columbus and I really liked it.  Of course, last time it was for a food safety conference which was actually really interesting, but this time I’m going down for something much different.  It’s only one day (Saturday, April 19) so I’ll have a bit of time to stroll about town.  Though I’m doubting my local birdpants lovers will cross state lines to come see me, I’m really looking forward to meeting a whole new crew of crafters and craft-lovers!

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