Seamstress to the squirrrels. And mice. And frogs!

20 05 2014

Well, it seems the denizen of land and sea are upping the ante when it comes to stylish attire.


A short while ago, a birdpants fan contacted me to ask me about “something for a squirrel”.  Her pal had a birthday coming up and apparently really liked squirrels.  Being the ambitious seamstress, reading my email in the car (I was not driving!) on the way to the show in Columbus, I replied to the request with a few options – squirrel pajamas, squirrel parka, squirrel suit.  There was a short turnaround time (just over a week) and I was a little nervous about creating a whole new prototype of a suit, but that’s what I did and I’m so glad!  Some of my best work comes from special requests.  I try to do some sketching but it ends up being a lot of trial and error.  I’ve learned that I need to make patterns as I go, and take plenty of notes.  Even though I’m winging it, I want to make sure I can try to recreate it.  The following weekend I was heading up north so I dug through my fabric and selected some options.  Purple satin with swirls.  Tweed.  Houndstooth.  Rust-colored satin.  Black satin. Faux leather embossed with a snakeskin pattern.  I snatched up some tiny buttons, my travel scissors and my notions and headed north!


Image  (I’d wear it!)

It was a chilly weekend and I enjoyed hunkering down inside.  It was a bit weird not having my wealth of fabric and tools, but it was also a bit liberating – having fewer options made me more crafty.  And the piles of acorns were certainly inspiring!


half a suit coat!



forming the pantleg









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20 05 2014
The frogs were green… with envy |

[…] I posted pictures of the making of a squirrel suit.  I am happy to report that the intended recipient was quite pleased with the results! […]

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