Another Move!

27 06 2019

Alas!  I’m one of those annoying bloggers that has 4 years between posts.  I just stopped in to announce that I’m leaving Colorado for a new job in Madison, WI!  It’s exciting and I’m returning to a state where the official bird is the Robin.  I did find some excellent birds in Colorado and feel bad that I disparaged the selection here – it was more so that the neighborhood I lived in had no trees.  I moved to a new location and it was more birdy.  And my office location within my building at work changed too, so more birds.  Fat Robins!  Titmice!  Goldfinches!  And Starlings (boo!)

I have become quite enamored with quilting, and with the move to the more birdy neighborhood, my birdpants production has been displaced by quilts.  I am hoping my new digs in Wisconsin allow for more ornithological fashion mischief!

I also got a bird dog. His name is Sammy and he loves birds so much but not to put pants on them.  He did get one in his mouth about a month ago during a hike – a baby woodcock or killdeer I believe (the story was recounted by my husband) and he held it in his mouth softly while the mom bird freaked out and Mike got Sammy to drop the baby bird.  It seemed no worse for the wear – a little nonplussed but okay.

I will report back from Wisconsin.




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